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Frequently Asked Questions

Introduction paragraph can go here, just explaining that sometimes people need to ask questions and that’s OK!

Click on a question below to see the expanded answer, and if you’re stil not sure or want to ask something that isn’t in the list below then don’t hesitate to get in contact by heading over to our Contact Page or droping us an email at

How do I pay for my massage?

We recommend you pay for you massage at the online bookings page but if you prefer to pay on the day we can accept cash at the appointment.

I can't make my appointment what should I do?

Sometimes things come up! If you can’t make your booked appointment then let us know as soon as you can either by emailing or calling us using the contact information that can be found over on our contact page and if there is enough time for us to cancel the appointment we will be able to refund you your payment.

How often should I get a massage?

You tend to get best results from massage therapy if you are having regular sessions, the regularity of sessions is dependent on factors such as, your reason for coming, how much you do between sessions to improve your wellbeing, injury, activity levels, etc. The most common frequency for maintenance massage is monthly, but if you have come in with a particular concern or injury you may be advised to come in for weekly sessions for a few weeks.

How long does a massage take?

We offer different session lengths all with their own varying price, head over to our pricing page to get a run down of the different lengths and associated prices. Our most popular massage length is 60 minute, if it is your first time having a Sports and Remedial massage we recommend starting with 90 minutes, this will allow plenty of time for a thorough assessment and treatment.

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