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Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy is the miracle of life, and supporting women through this precious time is an honour for any therapist. It is a time when your body is going through many changes, both emotionally and physically and the support of a massage therapist during any stage can be of huge benefit.

It is a common misconception that you cannot recieve a massage in the first trimester of your pregnacy. This belief stems from the fact that miscarriage is much more common during this stage, but in fact there is no evidence to suggest that massage can cause any harm to the unborn baby. Bodywork is often no more vigorous than many of the day-to-day activities woman may ordinarily be engaged with such as; walking to work, exercising in the gym, continuing to engage in sexual activities, running around after toddlers or carrying heavy shopping.

The early stages of pregnancy can be some of the most difficult, with the changes in hormones, possible anxieties about being pregnant, and the well-being of the baby. This can be a time that massage is particularly beneficial to the expectant mother to help curb anxieties and bring about some calm.

Of course, every woman experiences her pregancy differently and this is why we will always carry out a case history to discuss the best treatment plan for the individual. Past the first trimester the massage will generally be performed in a side lying position. Cushions and support will be provided to ensure optimum comfort throughout the session. As you head into later stages of pregnancy, staying in one position for too long can become uncomfortable so our therapists are adaptable to this and will check in and encourage you change position if this is the case.

Massage is proven to aid the body in release seratonin, dopamine, oxytocin, and endorphines. All hormones that make you feel great. Oxytocin is a hormone we release with contact, and during birth and breast feeding so you will have plenty of this to come when your baby arrives.

Every woman repsonds very differently to the physical and emotional changes that occur during pregnancy. For some these demands seem to “awaken” thier body and improve functioning while for others it may exacerbate weakness in the body, whether on the musculoskeletal, circulatory, respiratory, or emotional level. This is why at Bristol Massage Practice we adapt our treatments to suit the individual with the aim to support and nurture during this time of change and growth.

Breathe work can be used as a primary form of stress reduction and to promote relaxation during pregnancy. Our therapists can assist women to breath more deeply, and into the abdomen where it may feel blocked due to the pressure of the growing baby. Breathing is a useful tool for to support self-help visulalisation techniques and can be used throughout pregnancy and into labour.

Massage can help you bond with your unborn baby

Some of the benefits of Pregnancy massge:

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